VAPE / Powerdynamo Electronic Ignition

Light & Ignition Systems from VAPE | Powerdynamo for classic Motorcycles

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VAPE Powerdynamo Ignitions

The right technique for old motorcycles so that the classic car friend can use his vehicles in modern road traffic - with ignition systems from VAPE / Powerdynamo.
Reliable and maintenance-free, usually "hidden" in the original optics in order to preserve the classic appearance.
The assortment is extensive, equipment for about 600 classic bikes is available, no matter if pre-war or post-war machines are concerned.


  • Modern Technology for good Light and High - Energy Sparks (contactless technique)
  • None or only minimal mechanical modifications on engine and no use of old components
  • New parts hidden as good as possible for highly original appearance of motorcycle
We have a large number of systems (about 1000) on stock for immediate shipment, but if not, time of procurement will take about 5-15 days, if not otherways mentioned!

Note on faked products:
there are cheap offers on the market, where reduced scope of delivery, outdated versions or even Repro parts are included!
No service and certainly no guarantee is offered from us for these plagiarisms. This also applies if our parts are used in combination with the material mentioned (e.g. a VAPE ignition coil or regulator on a copy system). With such mixed use, our warranty on VAPE parts expires !
You can recognize original parts by their use of the VAPE or Powerdynamo company logo and the E8 test mark. VAPE quality is only included where this information is visible.

From tola-tools you only get original and latest versions in top VAPE quality, quick and on best conditions !

VAPE Powerdynamo Zündanlagen

VAPE ignitions for classic motorcycles

Have a look at the professionals of VAPE and check this video of

According to Section 23 of the Trademark Act, the brands mentioned below are only to be understood as a reference to the purpose of the systems offered. These are not original parts, but replacement ignition systems suitable for the types mentioned.

Our categories follow their motorbike country of origin...