Light & Ignition Systems from VAPE / Powerdynamo for japanese classic Motorcycles

The right technique for old motorcycles so that the classic car friend can use his vehicles in modern road traffic - with ignition systems from VAPE / Powerdynamo.
Reliable and maintenance-free, usually "hidden" in the original optics in order to preserve the classic appearance.
The assortment is extensive, equipment is available for numerous vintage bikes, no matter if pre-war or post-war machines are concerned.

Note: Powerdynamo will become VAPE !
From September 2018 on Powerdynamo will be sold under the new name VAPE !
Same high end precision products under a new name !


 VAPE Powerdynamo Zündanlagen
  • Modern Technology for good Light and High - Energy Sparks (contactless technique)
  • None or only minimal mechanical modifications on engine and no use of old components
  • New parts hidden as good as possible for highly original appearence of motorcycle
Powerdynamo VAPE Electronic Ignition Yamaha DS-2 / -3

electronic ignition system for Yamaha Yamaha DS-2 / -3

Shippingtime: 5-10 days 5-10 days

285,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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