Votronic Charging-Booster Charging-Converter VCC 12V 25A
Converter VCC 1212-25 IUoU -No. 3310
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Votronic Charging Booster Charging-Converter VCC 12V-24V 25A
Perfect charging even on short distances

Votronic Charging-Boosters are made for optimised and quick charging of supply batteries by the onboard generator during driving.

The boosters are easily installed into the charge cabling of the battery. They are increasing the charging voltage and do regulate the quick and soft maximum charging of Acid-, Gel or AGM - batteries realized by IU1oU2 charging curves. 6 LEDs give permanent information of the operating state of the unit.

Control input for fully automatic controlled operation is ignition, D+ engine running.


Type Charging - Converter VCC 1224-25 IUoU

  • Charging capacity 24 V / 25 A
  • max. current 70 A
  • Input Voltage 11-16 V
  • Battery capacity 50 - 200 Ah
Shippingtime: 2-4 Days 2-4 Days

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incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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