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Mike Sanders Rust Prevention Grease - 750g

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Provides cavity protection and under-sealing for blank, corroded and painted sheet metal. It suits all types of vehicles, vintage and classic, new and used of all ages. It doesn't have to be applied by professionals, it can be applied by a "do-it-yourself" enthusiast with the right equipment. The product together with the "hot-application-method" were developped over 35 years ago by Mike Sander. Since then several first ranks in product tests followed, uncounted protected cars and successful industrial applications were realized.

Test winner in long term tests with:
      Oldtimer Markt
, Autobild, Motor Klassik magazinesTestsieger Oldtimer Markt
    - Special edition Rostschutz 35/2005
    - Supplement Rostschutztest 11/2010

Product reports:

Vereinigte Motorverlage - Motor Klassik Spezial - Nr. 7, Motorklassik edition 4/1991
Axel Springer Verlag AG - Autobild 10/2002